Signature falsification

Faking signature! Never sign documents for someone!

People who are accused of forging signatures often did not know that this is a violation of the law.

Often we do not understand how serious the consequences could be.

Is it really a crime to sign instead of someone with his permission? For example, this person is absent and he doesn’t have the opportunity to sign in person, but he allowed us to sign ourselves?

Unfortunately, signature falsification can be a crime according to Art. 270 & 1 сс

Now we will answer all these questions … …

The crime Art. 270 & 1 СС

Corresponding to this article: A person, who forges or alters a document and uses such a document as authentic can be fined or imprisoned for a period of 3 months to 5 years.

What constitutes a crime:


First, the falsification must concern documents. The definition of a document can be found in Art. 115 & 14 СC:

A document is information in the written form certifying the existence of facts of a certain value. Thus, documents are all types of contracts, statements, official documents and even tickets for a football match. Other documents on which falsification is punished are a list of attendance at university or a list of attendance at work.

But there are options to avoid criminal responsibility for this violation. In many cases, it is possible to convince the court that this was a random, insignificant incident.


Falsification may be considered faking or alteration of the signature. Imitation is the copy of a signature from scratch and the alteration is the changing over an already existing signature.


A crime is considered the fact that the purpose of the forger is to use the document as valid.

It is not considered a crime to forge someone’s signature and not to use this document.

For example: copying the signature on the paper is not a crime according to Art. 270 & 1 CC. The prosecution must prove that the accused forged a signature in order to use it. Then you can be charged  for this.

Is it really a crime to subscribe for someone with his permission?


Yes. It is impossible to sign with someone’s name and surname in jeopardy. Even if you are sure that this person will agree (for example, to receive money or parcels for him).

Moreover, it is impossible to do this even if you are in touch with this person (for example, by phone) and he tells you to do it for him.

In such cases you must be an authorized representative of this person.


If you do not have contact with the person, but you are convinced that he would agree to something (for example, receive the package), then you can act as an authorized representative of this person. In each of these cases, you must sign your name and surname with a note with permission, such as Jan Kowalski.

What if I have already signed for someone?

Unfortunately, if such a situation occurred and you signed for someone, but you didn’t know that this was a crime, I have a solution for you.

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