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Denis Lisov at the District Court in Warsaw. Poland refused to surrender the Russian at the request of Sweden

Poland will not hand over to Sweden Lisov, who escaped with his daughters taken from a Muslim foster family

Poland once again stood up for Denis Lisov

The Polish Right and the Russian Propaganda with one voice on the Fall of Europe  

Swedish case shows how the West went off the rails. Legal assistance by lawyer Bartosz Lewandowski and lawer Babken Khanzadyan

A court in Poland did not send a Russian citizen to Sweden who took out his children. Lawyer Lisov Babken Khanzadyan told RT that the court issued such a verdict, guided by the need to preserve the family.

Finally received justice as a Polish court allowed the girls to stay with him. A lot of help from the lawer Babken Khanzadyan



Russian family fleeing Swedish child welfare services is going home

The lawyer said the date of the return of Russian Lisov to his homeland.

Babken Khanzadyan, Lisov’s attorney, told the state-run outlet RT that “There is no law in Poland that provides a basis for convicting a father who has not been stripped of his parental rights because he took his children from strangers.”

Russian family fleeing Swedish child welfare services granted asylum in Poland.

On the way from Poland, where Lisov was detained at the request of Swedish law enforcement, the family of Lisovs was accompanied by lawyers Babken Khanzadyan and Bartosz Lewandowski.

Love & justice: Russian family reunited by Polish court decision after fleeing Sweden.



Norwegian mother wins asylum in Poland. Lawyer Bartosz Lewandowski wins the case.



The children’s parents refused to comply and decided to take them away from Denmark. The mother’s intention was to get to Chechnya via Poland,” said the family’s attorney Babken Khanzadyan.

Once again, the Polish court defended the family and its fundamental rights, keeping them together,” says Mr. Babken Khanzadyan.

Children are no longer in the Schengen system and the Danish government has left the issue of the family under the jurisdiction of the Polish court, said Mr. Babken Khanzadyan, attorney for the Dombaev family

This is the end of the case. The Polish authorities once again helped to prevent the Chechen family from being separated. Today, the Dombaev family flew first to Moscow and then to Grozny, where their loved ones are waiting for them,” said Babken Khanzadyan during Monday’s press conference at Okęcie airport.

“The situation around the Dombaev family is like what happened to the Lisov family. Unfortunately for the Scandinavian countries, this incident is normal practice.” – notes in a commentary for Sputnik the patron of Babken Khanzadyan.