Criminal Law

Within the help in criminal law (including criminal-economic) and penal-fiscal law we offer, among others, the following services:

  • we help clients at the initial stage of the pre-trial investigation, including participation in all the activities carried out by law enforcement agencies (police, prosecutor) during the inquiry or investigation in which we have the right to participate in accordance with the law, for example as defenders (eg interrogation as a suspect);
  • we represent clients in common courts during the actions taken in the preparatory proceedings (including the defense at the sitting of provisional arrest, sittings on filing complaint against pre-trial detention);we defend clients in the first and second instance courts;
  • we undertake to defend convicts in the cases in the Supreme Court (in particular as a result of a cassational appeal or a complaint to resume proceedings);
  • we analyze the evidence, prepare the defense line, advise on what steps should be taken to obtain a good solution for the client, submit appeals and evidence requests, if it’s necessary and if it’s agreed with the accepted line of defense;
  • we provide legal advice leading to acquittal or mitigation of punishment, conditional discontinuance of criminal proceedings, voluntary submission to liability or conviction without trial;
  • we represent clients in cases of damages and compensation for obviously unjustified detention, temporary detention and imprisonment;
  • we also represent clients who have been victims of crimes in law enforcement agencies, as well as in common courts (eg as proxies for prosecutors, private or auxiliary prosecutors);
  • we provide legal advice in all legal aspects related to the  criminal business, penal and tax proceedings, in order to limit the risk of economic crimes, ie: mismanagement, penal and fiscal responsibility of the board members of capital companies, crimes against creditors; bribery.