History of Muradyans family

The Muradyan family, who came from Armenia, lived illegally in Poland for many years. Edgar Muradyan and his wife Natela Manvelyan have been trying to legalize their stay in Poland for a long time. However, several years of efforts to legalize their stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland ended in fiasco. Mr. Edgar Muradyan and Mrs. Natela Manvelyan moved to Poland over 8 years ago with two underage children – currently 14-year-old son Anri and 16-year-old son Davit.  It was also in Poland that their youngest child, Mane’s daughter, was born in 2019.   


In July 2019, the Muradyan family decided to use our law firm Khanzadyan Lewandowski and Partners. Thanks to the cooperation of lawyers from Khanzadyan Lewandowski and Partners and various authorities, including officers of the Border Guard Post in Krakow-Balice, after less than a year we managed to achieve our goal. In August this year we received positive decisions of the Małopolska Province Governor concerning granting a temporary residence permit for humanitarian reasons to the entire Muradyan family of 5 people. Since then, members of the Muradyan family can enjoy a free and legal stay in our country and the EU. This is another case where the law firm of Khanzadyan Lewandowski and Partners are guarding the protection of family rights in Poland.